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  • JoJo Rock is on a mission to stop child poverty

    JoJo Rock is on a mission to stop child poverty

Reach for the Stars

JoJo has just released his new song “Reach for the Stars.” It is the theme song for his “Rise Up and Make a Difference Tour.” The song was recorded to inspire young people to dream big and go for their dreams.

The Big Revolution

In 2015 JoJo Rock’s goal is to speak to 10,000 students to inspire 105 of them to raise $200 each to build 7 classrooms in Uganda. He will be travelling to schools across NSW and QLD inspiring them to join the movement and raise money.

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Amazing Grace – JoJo records song with ex-sponsor child

JoJo Rock and Ozzy from The Sowers Group have teamed up to spread the message that child sponsorship through Compassion really works. Ozzy was sponsored through Compassion as a child when his father died. He is living proof of the difference child sponsorship can make in the life of a child in Africa.

JoJo Speaking to High School Students

JoJo Rock speaks to many school students about his cause to end child poverty and how they can make a difference too. His talks and performances are very inspiring to students as he is evidence that their youth is a strength. He not only leaves them entertained, but inspired.

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Warren Best, Principle of Nambour Christian College

“Recently JoJo Rock was a guest at our Middle School Chapel. The students loved his rap songs, his enthusiasm and his heart for the gospel. JoJo had a clear message aimed at inspiring young people to use their gifts and talents in service to others. JoJo focused, in particular, on his support for his Compassion sponsor child, Charles. The Middle Schoolers left Chapel not just entertained, but challenged by JoJo and his message”


JoJo’s sponsor child Charles

JoJo Rock has been sponsoring his sponsor child Charles since May 2011 through Compassion Australia. JoJo raises money through his music to make the monthly payments. Over the past 2 years JoJo and Charles have been writing letters to each other and JoJo considers him part of his family.


JoJo Rock and Compassion

JoJo is an advocate with Compassion. The words to many of his songs are crafted to inspire people take up the fight against child poverty. He speaks at his performances about what we can all do to make a difference in the world today and most people are left inspired or challenged. His story of one child helping another less fortunate is one he hopes to see replicated across the world.