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14 Sep


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In JoJo’s new song BIG he talks about how age doesn’t matter if you want to make a difference in peoples lives.

He describes how he has changed the life of his sponsor child Charles from Africa whom he sponsors through his music.

This song is JoJo’s anthem to a generation of young people who want to live for something greater than themselves.

JoJo Rock records these songs to raise money to sponsor kids through Compassion.

Rapper: JoJoRock

Featured Artist: Wizdm

Words: JoJo Rock and JoJo’s Dad

Music by: Wizdm

Music Producer: Wizdm

Music Video Director: Titus MacLaren

Camera Man: Raj Dhatt

Director of Photograpy: Brenton Smith

JoJo would like to thank the following people:

Titus MacLaren

Thank you Titus for believing in JoJo’s cause. Your enthusiasm and creativity has been contagious. Your drive made this project happen. Your advice has helped JoJo become a better live performer and helped build his passion for his craft. You have inspired JoJo to Reach for the Stars! :-)

Raj Dhatt 

Raj, thanks for being patient with JoJo after the 24th take in the middle of a crowded street and the end of a long day of shooting.

Thanks for laughing at the 15th time he says the same joke in a row instead of  starting the next take.

Thanks for making the music video shoots fun for JoJo.

Brenton Smith

We are blessed to have you on the team. Thanks for travelling 4 hours to the shoots, your support, your talent, your advice and keeping JoJo entertained on the set. JoJo loves spending time with you.


Thanks for the advice and tireless work producing the song. JoJo has learnt so much about recording music from you. Your experience has been invaluable and has set JoJo up to create many more songs in the future.


Verse 1

I’m JoJo Rock, I’m 8 years old,
On a mission to stop child poverty cold
Gonna bust my rhymes till my voice goes coarse,
Walking in the footsteps of William Wilberforce
Rhyming to the kids in the western world
They can make a big difference to a boy or girl
Living in poverty wanting to be free
Looking at you and me, now I can see
That we can solve injustice in the world today
Stand up on your feet so we can have our say
Sponsoring a child it’s a powerful way
One child for another we can save the day


Ya don’t have to be big, Ya don’t have to be tall
Ya gotta stand up, to change the world
I’m not big, I’m a little bit small
You and I we can change the world

Verse 2

I have a sponsor Charles he lives in Uganda
I consider him my brother even though he lives so far
He’s always in my heart, with God is his lifeguard
I’m doin’ my part, so he can restart
His life, with the money that I currently give
He has a chance to have a life he can truly live
He now can go to school, Life ain’t so cruel
Treated like a rare jewel, taken out of the cess pool
To a life where he can start to dream
bout a different way to live currently unseen
Where day to day life isn’t so extreme
And good food and water’s now part of his daily routine



Change the world, change the world
You might be a kid, but you can change the world


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