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Book JoJo for an Event

JoJo is available to perform at your school, music festival, conference, church or youth group in Australia.

JoJo has difference presentations ranging from 10 – 60 minutes. These presentations include JoJo:

  1. Performing some of his songs live
  2. A message to inspire young people to rise up and make a difference
  3. A workshop to get them started on their journey

JoJo incorporates live performance, speaking and video into all his presentations. They are created to engage a young audience.

It is very inspiring to see someone so young who is so passionate about helping other children. JoJo always leaves people of all ages inspired to make a difference too.

You can see JoJo speaking to high school students in the video below:

Below is a testimonial of a principal of a school JoJo visited in the video above.

Recently JoJo Rock was a guest at our Middle School Chapel. The students loved his rap songs, his enthusiasm and his heart for the gospel. JoJo had a clear message aimed at inspiring young people to use their gifts and talents in service to others. JoJo focused, in particular, on his support for his Compassion sponsor child, Charles. The Middle Schoolers left Chapel not just entertained, but challenged by JoJo and his message.

Warren Best, Nambour Christian College

To find out more or book JoJo, enter your details at