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16 Mar


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The Story behind JoJo Rock’s version of Amazing Grace

March 16, 2013 | By | No Comments

JoJo Rock and Ozzy from The Sowers Group believe in child sponsorship through Compassion. As a sponsor to his Compassion child Charles who lives in Uganda, JoJo has seen significant changes in Charle’s life. Through their exchange of letters, JoJo has seen the benefits afforded to Charles by his monthly contribution.

JoJo’s support doesn’t only help Charles physically with food, education and spiritual guidance, JoJo and Charles are also building a strong bond with Charles expressing in his latest letter, “I do not regret being born on this earth, because I know see a future.”

Ozzy on the other hand was in Charles position over 20 years ago. When his dad died at a young age, Ozzy’s mum was left uneducated with 8 children and little opportunity to earn an income. Life was difficult in The Congo and the family struggled. Read More

Remember…God made men equal

February 25, 2012 | By | No Comments

In the movie Amazing Grace John Newton declares to William Wilberforce, “God sometimes does his work with a gentle drizzle.”  Sometimes our efforts can seem so insignificant in the face of the 27 million children and adults that are still being exploited around the world in slavery, and the 22,000 children who die each day due to poverty.  However, I am a great believer in that if we can just change even one life, there is great power in this.
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