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16 Aug


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Charles, My Sponsored Child

August 16, 2011 | By | No Comments

Since April 2011, with the money I have raised through my music, I have sponsored Charles, through Compassion.

Charles lives in Uganda, Africa. His life is pretty tough compared to my life and the $40 per month I give him enables him to:

    • Go to school to become educated
    • have acces too clean water and food
    • Have access to medical attention when required
    • have a hope for the future

What I love about the Compassion program is the kids are all told they can grow up and change their country for the better. Many of the Compassion children aspire to become doctors, teachers and politicians because they see these jobs as ways of giving back.

Charles wants to be a doctor when he grows up and I want to be a scientist. I believe we can both achieve our goals.

Beguens Theus

Just like Beguens Theus. Beguens graduated the Child Sponsorship Program with a dream to become a leader for his people. Within a few years and with a master’s degree in population studies in hand, Beguens started his first job as a university professor.
Today, Beguens is serving in Haiti’s parliament as a congressman, using his role to improve the lives of children living in poverty.

Thanks for your donations and support of my music. Charles’s life has now changed forever, because of your generosity and the work of Compassion.

My song BIG was written about Charles to inspire children to make a difference in their world. I hope you enjoy it and understand the message.

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