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02 Jun


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I.AM.LEGACY Tour: Day 1

June 2, 2012 | By | No Comments

JoJo has been preparing for a long time for the I.AM.LEGACY 2012 Tour and it has finally arrived.

The preparations included:

  1. Writing his new song “BIG”
  2. Creating a Remix of “Lift Your Praise”
  3. Recording parts of the songs for his backing track
  4. Shopping for his outfit. (JoJo did not enjoy this day)
  5. Organising the recording of the shows so the footage could be included in his new music video for “BIG”
  6. Rehearsing. Rehearsing and Rehearsing

He put in a lot of hard work and it was satisfying to see all the hard work come to fruitiion ast night as he took the stage.
Ever since JoJo started performing as a 7 year old, he never once has shown an sign of nervousness or fear before performing live, but today was different. On the way to the show in the car as always, I asked JoJo is there was anything that was worrying him. JoJo said he was a little nervous.
This was a new experience for me and wasn’t sure what to do, so we did something we have never done before. I told him to close his eyes and I retold the story of David and Goliath, except this time he was David. I asked him questions about what was happening as he listened to me retelling the story so he could feel that it was actually happening and he was part of it.
I told JoJo there were so many similarities between him and David. As JoJo Rock, he is fighting against child poverty and when he performs he is spreading the message. It is a battle just like David had. When he performs the audience is like a giant standing in front of him and like David he has to tame that giant, be bold and tell it what to do through his actions, movements and lyrics. Just like the boy David was not fearful of the Giant, JoJo should not be fearful of the audience.
We then prayed together and commited the night to God.
Well that must have helped, because when we got to the venue, JoJo’s confidence was on an all time high.
He walked up to each of his hip hop heroes, D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E, Genesiz, Sevin, Ms Tanz, Silaz and Cree and spoke to them like they were old friends. He took to the stage for the sound check with a spring in his step and a confidence of a seasoned professional and continued to Buzz around the venue until it was time for him to take the stage.
As usual JoJo didn’t show an ounce of fear when it was time to perform. He ran up to the stage, asked the crowd who were all siting down to stand up and come to the front and dance with him.
Last night JoJo took his performance to another level. He moved, rapped and interacted with the crowd in a way he not done in the past.
As I write this JoJo is sitting next to me watching the Tom and Jerry cartoon. Just a little boy with a big heart and a huge dream. We are about to go to the park with his brothers and he is looking forward to doing it all again tonight.

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