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14 Apr


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I got to rap for Israel Houghton

April 14, 2012 | By | No Comments

I am a HUGE Israel Houghton and New Breed fan!

Last night I went to see Israel Houghton and New Breed live at my church. They were AWESOME and I sang along to all my favourite songs.

At the end of the night, while I was in the foyer of the church, Krystal and Shawn from New Breed came out to talk to everyone. Before I knew what was happening I was rapping for them. They were so excited and asked me to rap again so they could record me on their phones.

My parents are always the last to leave church as they love to talk, but last night it was a bonus.

As Israel Houghton was leaving, one of New Breed dragged me over to him and told him he just has to listen to me rap. So I got to rap the first verse of Throw Ya Hands to my hero Israel Houghton.

It all happened so fast so unfortunately I didn’t get to record it on video, but one of our friends got this photo of Israel and me.

Last night was the best night of my life.


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