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02 Oct


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JoJo gives away 600 CD’s to inspire kids

October 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

On 23th August JoJo recieved his first batch of CD’s. The CD contains his first two songs Throw Ya hands and Lift Your Praise with an into of JoJo explaining why he recorded the songs. To date JoJo has given away 600 of these CD’s to children.

We hope as the children listen to these songs, they are inspired to make a difference in this world just like JoJo. We believe all kids are able to make a difference no matter their age. Whether that is raising money for a cause by recording a rap song, selling cupcakes, saving their money, being kind to another, helping a friend or volunteering at their local church.

Thanks to Fats Digital for helping with the CD production.

To find why JoJo also gives away his CD’s, read our post Music that breathes life into children.

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