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02 Jul


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JoJo on Tour Performing “Lift Your Praise” LIVE

July 2, 2012 | By | One Comment

In June this year JoJo had the privilege of touring with The Commission on the I.AM.LEGACY tour.

JoJo was especially excited because he was touring with some of his heroes including Sevin, Genesiz and D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E.

On the first night of the tour JoJo was ready to go. He opened the show with his upcoming song BIG.

Well, I am a proud dad, but I must say, JoJo ROCKED the place. At just 8 years old JoJo performed with the confidence, charisma and stage presence of someone 4 times his age.

Needless to say JoJo was on a high for the whole tour and enjoyed every minute performing and hanging out with everyone who attended the shows.

JoJo had the opportunity to talk about his mission to end child poverty through child sponstorhip and remind everyone that no matter your age you can make a difference too.


  1. Ashley

    Wow good on you Jojo, you’re truly amazing :) Keep going for God and let Him lead you and He’ll keep doing incredible things through you!!

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