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02 Oct


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Music that breathes life into kids

October 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

Have you ever listened to the words of the songs on the music charts today? You will be very surprised if you haven’t. It seems the artists are pushing the limits of what is decent and acceptable to adults in every song they released.

The sad thing is many kids are listening and memorizing these songs as well making them normal and acceptable to our next generation.

JoJo Rock’s music has words that will breathe life and teach kids principles to live by. The verses to each song are based on scriptures from the bible. They are rephrased so they rhyme and can be remembered easily.

We have heard many stories of kids forcing their parents to play these songs over and over again in the car and rocking out to JoJo Rock in their bedroom. Through JoJo’s music, kids are memorizing words that bring life and provide principles to base their life on, in contrast to what is offered on the music charts today.

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