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03 Dec


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Reach for the stars

December 3, 2014 | By | No Comments

I wanted to make a song which helps people go for their dreams. Sometimes the dream seems bigger than what you think you are capable of. I think you should set your goals as high as possible and even if you don’t make it all the way you can be surprised of what you are capable of.


Lyrics – JoJo Rock and JoJo’s dad
Mixing and Mastering – Francis Le Vesta
Producer – Eurostarz
Vocals – Villainshero

Music Video

Director – Titus MacLaren
Director of Photography – Titus MacLaren, Brenton Smith
Camera Operators – Brenton Smith, Titus MacLaren
Editor – Titus MacLaren

I would like to thank the following people

Titus MacLaren

Thanks for the time, energy, skills and passion for this song. Without you this song would not be what it is. Thanks for believing in the lyrics and message of the song even when times got tough in the filming and song recording.

Brenton Smith

Thank you for your support over the last few years. It means a lot to have you on my team. Your film skills and friendship on the shoots has made each video awesome and also enjoyable to make



If you reach for the stars
And you bring back the moon
Then you’re almost there
Then you’re almost there
So don’t give up

Verse 1

Let’s pretend that the world is great
And everybody gets along and there is no hate
And if you make a mistake you get a clean slate
Every child is born with an awesome fate
Now lets pretend we can recreate
The world back into it’s original state
No wars, no fears, nobodies irate
And kids aren’t forced to work when they just turned eight
Oh yeah, forget child poverty
Children living lives to the contrary
Kids are living free, they’re standing up tall
Big smiles on their faces just to top it all off
And let’s pretend that this stories true
That what I just said, we can surely do
If we reach for the stars but don’t get through
We’re still changing a life if we’re touchin the moon

Verse 2

Okay, let’s pretend that you’ve got this dream
And everybody tells you it’s too extreme
They pull you down, and make you want a scream
But instead you focus like a laser beam
Now let’s pretend that you just can’t fail
Your success will be measured on the Richter scale
You think huge like a hump back whale
So your dream is as certain as the daily mail
Now let’s pretend that you reached your goal
And you think about doing something bigger and bold
Not everything you do is going to turn to gold
But a worthy goal is worth your heart and soul
Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day
And just say you only make it halfway
But the change you make just might save the day
For someone in need so don’t back away


Don’t give up, never give up
Don’t back up, never back up, never, never back up
You gotta tear it up, you gotta burn it up now
Did you know if you reach for the stars you just might touch the planet mars


About Reach for the Stars

I have been presenting and performing for school students across Australia over the last year on my “Rise Up and Make a Difference” tour. My main message is to see your youth as an advantage. See it as a strength and make a difference while you are young.

Recently, I have finished each presentation with this song “Reach for the Stars.” It helps the students realise that although their dreams may seem too big to achieve at this age, they should try anyway, because even if they only make it half way, they are still making a difference.

I hope you all enjoy the song and the message.

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