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16 Mar


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The Story behind JoJo Rock’s version of Amazing Grace

March 16, 2013 | By | No Comments

JoJo Rock and Ozzy from The Sowers Group believe in child sponsorship through Compassion. As a sponsor to his Compassion child Charles who lives in Uganda, JoJo has seen significant changes in Charle’s life. Through their exchange of letters, JoJo has seen the benefits afforded to Charles by his monthly contribution.

JoJo’s support doesn’t only help Charles physically with food, education and spiritual guidance, JoJo and Charles are also building a strong bond with Charles expressing in his latest letter, “I do not regret being born on this earth, because I know see a future.”

Ozzy on the other hand was in Charles position over 20 years ago. When his dad died at a young age, Ozzy’s mum was left uneducated with 8 children and little opportunity to earn an income. Life was difficult in The Congo and the family struggled.

Fortunately Ozzy was sponsored through Compassion and his life changed forever. Ozzy shared the benefits of his monthly sponsorship with his brother Mike and his friend Kosto who are both now part of The Sowers Group with Mike’s wife. They shared the uniform, separated books into individual papers and took turns going to school.

The song Amazing Grace was birthed out of JoJo’s advocacy for the children of Compassion and Ozzy’s mission to help more children like him.

Amazing Grace is a song of hope and unconditional favour. The same gifts Compassion sponsors give to their sponsor children they have never met.

The first time JoJo performed live in front of an audience at 7 years old was also the day he saw The Sowers Group perform live for the first time. JoJo was inspired by the new musical sounds he was hearing, and the story of hope he heard coming from the stage as Mike told how Compassion helped the band as children.

Around 12 months later JoJo had the opportunity to meet Ozzy and instantly they decide to collaborate on the song to let the world know that Child sponsorship through Compassion really works.

The song has taken over 12 months to write, record and produce the music video. There have been countless man-hours put into it and most were voluntary.

As I write this post I have just received an SMS from Trevor, who has just completed the mixing and mastering of the song with the message, “The guy that mastered [Amazing Grace] for me is Peter, so feel free to drop him a line to say thanks if you wish (he’s donated his time as have I for the cause).” This means so much to us as these guys are professionals in the industry.

I have always offered to pay for the services of everyone who has worked on the project, but time and time again I have been pleasantly surprised at the generosity of the contributors and their willingness to work at no cost for the cause of Compassion and the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child they will never meet.

To all the contributors on the Amazing Grace project, our family says a big Thank You!

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