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10 Dec


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You Are The Reason – Tribute to JoJo Rock’s 3rd Grade Teacher

December 10, 2012 | By | No Comments

I have been blessed with 3 teachers over the last 5 years that have had a huge impact on my life. They inspired me, taught me, guided me, believed in me and gone beyond the call to support me in my music.

They are Mrs Sadsad, my kindergarten teacher, Mr Harmony my grade 2 teacher and finally Mrs Boyd my current grade 3 teacher.

A few months ago I heard that Mrs Boyd was to leave before the end of the school year to have her first baby. I was happy for her, but very sad I would not get to end the year with the “best teacher in the world.”

I wanted to do something special for her because she has made every day in her class this year special for me. So I decided to use my talent to write, and perform this rap song for her.

I could go on and tell you what a great teacher she is, but I think the song says it all.


And to all the other teacher in the world who not only teach the children in their class, but inspire them, love them, and prepare their character for the their future life, I dedicate this song to you. Your students may not be able to write a song like this, but I know that they will look back at their year in your class and feel the way I feel about Mrs Boyd, Mrs Sadsad and Mr Harmoni.


Rapper: JoJoRock

Words: JoJo Rock and JoJo’s Dad

Music by: Sinima Beats

Mixing and Mastering: Alex Shami

Video editing: Raj Dhatt


Verse 1

Mrs Boyd rules, she’s the one
That cheers me on to hit a home run
At school when times get rough a little tough
She’s the one that lifts me up
Making be believe I can do anything
Her words of life makes my heart sing
When I’m feeling down she’s always there to bring
A smile on my face with her bling bling
She’s the funniest teacher from miles around
And when she makes us laugh you gotta hear the sound
Cause fun, joy and laughter abound
In the classroom of the best teacher in town

Verse 2

Mrs Boyd rules, but she’s goin away
To have her first baby, but that’s OK
She’ll be thinking about us everyday
Cause she loves 3B that’s just her way
I know she’ll be the best mum in the world
Cause she’s just like that to the boys and girls
Of my class for the last year that’s past
We’ve had so much fun in her class
Learning from the best, I am blessed
My grades have gone up my mum’s impressed
So thank you for the last year, it was a joy
To the best teacher in the world Mrs Boyd


Mrs Boyd rules she so cool
She’s the #3 reason I love my school
Mrs Boyd rules she so cool
She’s the #2 reason I love my school

Mrs Boyd rules she so cool
Mrs Boyd rules she so cool
Mrs Boyd rules she so cool
She’s the #1 reason I love my school

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